How to Pick an SEO Agency

Looking for an affordable SEO agency fo a small business can be very much a hassle. Each business with a website requires SEO services of a high quality. However, the problems most of these businesses face is the cost of having an SEO agency work on your website. You see if you are looking for a truly effective and quality SEO company which delivers results, you are going to have to pay a higher price. BUT, you will get your money back through extra sales thanks to SEO. To be honest, the price is nothing when you compare it to the amount of revenue you will be generating from SEO. It is understandable that when your company is fairly small, the last thing any business owner would want to do is waste money. Below are some tips to help you pick out an SEO agency for the right price.

Define Affordable

Instead of jumping right in, take a step back and define what your budget is and what you find affordable. Everyone will define affordable differently, especially when it comes to internet marketing. People have completely different incomes, so make sure you have a clear number in your head.

Before you begin to search for SEO services, you need to find what you consider affordable. As you have probably experienced in the past, most companies advertise their services as ‘affordable’ however, to some people, they don’t seem affordable at all.

Shop Around

The main thing to follow here is that SEO does not come in a package. Any company that advertises an SEO package (for £1000 p/m as an example) has no clue what they are doing and you should not use them for your SEO. Although you may get onto the first page of Google, it will not be for quality keywords with a high volume of traffic and you will not stay on page one for long. That I can guarantee you. Look at SEO experts with good LinkedIn recommendations and contact them for a website analysis. Most agencies (at least most good ones) offer a free website analysis. Talk with the agency and make sure they understand your needs and you understand their terms before making a decision. Don’t just look at the price, look at the company as a whole.

Good Looks Does Not Mean Success

Just because there is an SEO agency which has a good look and makes a decent amount of money does not mean it offers quality SEO. Also, beware of ‘good looking’ businesses which offer web design, SEO, and social media marketing for example, because this could mean that they make all their money in web design but are terrible at SEO. So my advice is to go for an agency which focuses on SEO only.

Furthermore, don’t just look on the first page of Google. Ironic right? Hiring an agency to get you to the top of page 1 on Google and now I am telling you not to look at just the first page of results? Well, SEO is a long process and can take months (about 7-9 months on average) and anyone who tells you otherwise is not an SEO expert. Google also takes into account if your site has been around for a while and gives older sites an advantage. Also, you may be not be searching for the primary keyword of an SEO agency, meaning they won’t show up on the first page.

A good place to start looking is London SEO. There are some quality, affordable SEO agencies which you will like.


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