No Black Hat SEO – Techniques You Should Avoid

No Black Hat SEO

If you are searching for ways to boost your website’s searching engine result rankings, there’s a tactic that you should avoid and that is black hat SEO. It can be tempting when you are desperate to improve your online visibility, yet black hat SEO is definitely NOT worth. After all the success you will get with black hat SEO, you will just end up getting penalized by Google, which could result to de-rank and loss of traffic to your website.
Below are the black hat SEO tactics you should avoid:

Paid Links


It’s quite a self-explanatory. People will offer to pay you to put a link on your content. Whether you consider it as advertising, Google will still consider this as a link scheme.

Keyword Stuffing“keywords-and-phrases”

Putting some keywords into your copy that appear several times than what would seem natural or adding keywords to your alt image tags.

Doorway Pagesdoorway-pages

As their name implies, such pages are made solely for ranking purposes for keywords and pushing visitors through an alternative website. You will notice that the original doorway page serves no real purpose and has relevant content.

Hidden or Invisible Text“hidden-or-invisible-text”

Essentially, it’s the same with keyword stuffing. The only main difference is that the users make such keywords invisible. For instance, adding white text on white background.

Link Farms“link-farms”

Running either as a single site or group, Link Farms are existing for the purpose to increase the popularity of another site. Even if such pages might look regular at first glance, you will soon notice that there’s little content, and a big amount of links hyperlinking to different websites.


It’s another black hat SEO technique that’s self-explanatory and refers in stealing data or content from the website of the competitor for your own profit or page. In several cases, scraping used in extracting email address and spam other users.


It’s a method that presents 2 various versions of the same site in an attempt to improve search engine ranking. For instance, while a site may display some flash contents to the viewers, it might be displaying HTML content to the search engines.

Negative SEO“negative-SEO”

It is also referred to as reporting competitor. This kind of black hat SEO is different in that it’s typically used maliciously against the competitor to hurt their rankings. Users may do this through falsely reporting you for some copyright concerns and changing some things around. However, the good news is that Google works efficiently to detect a negative SEO attempt.
Rather than trying black hat SEO techniques, try to use white hat SEO methods. When compared to their darker counterpart, the white hat SEO includes optimization techniques and strategies, which follow the guidelines of Google and concentrate on the humans as opposed to the search engines. If you think that your account is attacked by a malicious black hat strategy or you see some websites that use it, you can always file a report through the Google Webmaster Tools.

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