No Black Hat SEO – Techniques You Should Avoid

No Black Hat SEO

If you are searching for ways to boost your website’s searching engine result rankings, there’s a tactic that you should avoid and that is black hat SEO. It can be tempting when you are desperate to improve your online visibility, yet black hat SEO is definitely NOT worth. After all the success you will get with black hat SEO, you will just end up getting penalized by Google, which could result to de-rank and loss of traffic to your website.
Below are the black hat SEO tactics you should avoid:

Paid Links


It’s quite a self-explanatory. People will offer to pay you to put a link on your content. Whether you consider it as advertising, Google will still consider this as a link scheme.

Keyword Stuffing“keywords-and-phrases”

Putting some keywords into your copy that appear several times than what would seem natural or adding keywords to your alt image tags.

Doorway Pagesdoorway-pages

As their name implies, such pages are made solely for ranking purposes for keywords and pushing visitors through an alternative website. You will notice that the original doorway page serves no real purpose and has relevant content.

Hidden or Invisible Text“hidden-or-invisible-text”

Essentially, it’s the same with keyword stuffing. The only main difference is that the users make such keywords invisible. For instance, adding white text on white background.

Link Farms“link-farms”

Running either as a single site or group, Link Farms are existing for the purpose to increase the popularity of another site. Even if such pages might look regular at first glance, you will soon notice that there’s little content, and a big amount of links hyperlinking to different websites.


It’s another black hat SEO technique that’s self-explanatory and refers in stealing data or content from the website of the competitor for your own profit or page. In several cases, scraping used in extracting email address and spam other users.


It’s a method that presents 2 various versions of the same site in an attempt to improve search engine ranking. For instance, while a site may display some flash contents to the viewers, it might be displaying HTML content to the search engines.

Negative SEO“negative-SEO”

It is also referred to as reporting competitor. This kind of black hat SEO is different in that it’s typically used maliciously against the competitor to hurt their rankings. Users may do this through falsely reporting you for some copyright concerns and changing some things around. However, the good news is that Google works efficiently to detect a negative SEO attempt.
Rather than trying black hat SEO techniques, try to use white hat SEO methods. When compared to their darker counterpart, the white hat SEO includes optimization techniques and strategies, which follow the guidelines of Google and concentrate on the humans as opposed to the search engines. If you think that your account is attacked by a malicious black hat strategy or you see some websites that use it, you can always file a report through the Google Webmaster Tools.

New recent study: Possible Effects of Creatine and Protein on Men


Men associated with body-building tasks are apparently taking nutritional supplements in the form of tablets and sprays. These nutritional supplements include either creatine (  or androstenedione. These ingredients are found to improve the possibility of developing cancer in individuals according to your research. The authors of the research have released the results in English Journal of Cancer. The study further discovered that the threat is more in these people that have now been utilizing the several supplements for quite some time. The tremendous info available about the link between testicular injury and a minimum of one nutritional supplement use in the public domain has been banked on by the study group. Hence, this research is chiefly a workout that is analytical. In this short article, we’d be visiting with the significant points raised by this fascinating research for the benefit of the health-conscious visitors,

Study on Cancer


The medical name for this sort of cancer is testicular germ cell cancer. According to the lead writer of the research, the relationship of long-term use of supplements along with the onset of this type of cancer is more hitting. This research team from Yale University and Brown University College of Public Health has conducted this path-breaking analysis. The study showed that the lengthier use of supplements and numerous nutritional supplement utilization equally lead to this fatal disease. However, the research team can barely find out the reason for this connection. However, it is noticeably apparent in the information analyzed and compiled. In 2011, the testicular cancer was found in 5.9 instances after the testing of 1 lakh men. On the other hand, the health authorities were able to discover only 3.7 cases from the verification of 1 lakh individuals in 1975. Consequently, the study group thinks about this such cancer as a one that is cryptic. This research is termed as the primary analytic epidemiological research to understand the possible link between testicular cancer and supplement use.

Modus Operandi

The group was accountable for the study conducted detailed interviews of over 900 men from places for example Massachusetts and Connecticut. Later, the investigation crew distributed to the volunteers of this study and prepared a comprehensive questionnaire. From the detailed studies in line with the response, they have found that 356 folks had some history of cancer. During the length of the interview, the volunteer’s particular questions were asked by the investigators on supplement use, smoking, drinking and exercise habits, past injury to the crotch and genealogy of the disorder. This workout was to mix check the input information from the volunteers. From this information, these could reveal the connection between danger and nutritional supplement and whey perfection usage of developing cancer. More information about supplements you can find here: beste eiwitshake.

Something about Tim Cook’s SEO Marketing for Apple

While using breaking news of Jobs resigning as Apple’s Boss, Tim Cook, Apple last COO, Nintendo needed over and become Apple’s new Boss. Apple becomes one of the greatest brands in the world; Tim Prepare remains recognized becoming an operational genius, who should certainly keep the company’s momentum going extended after locating the reins.

Jobs not only introduced Tim Cook to too much exposure and experience but also Prepared him aboard in 1998 to supervise the manufacturing of Apple’s personal computers. Before joining Apple, he prepared the labored at IBM at Compaq, laptop Computer Company now possessed by Hewlett-Packard. Tim Cook is being considered the one who knows Apple the most except Steve Jobs, who is also the best person to take over Jobs’ position. Jobs hired Cook from relative obscurity after been recruitment. In the following 13 years, Cook is always Jobs’ most helpful assistant to help him build Apple into a wonderful enterprise and Cook was an expert in supply chain and storage management (Daniel Ditzhazy Internet Media – SEO and Web Design Services). For Riverside, check out Riverside SEO Services – Daniel Ditzhazy.

From Wikipedia, you will find that “Cook spent six several days before he was hired as the Compaq vice president by Jobs to participate Apple. He initially offered as Senior Vice President for Worldwide Methods. Right before that, he was offered a chief operating officer (COO) in the computer merchant branch of intelligent electronics and worked for 12 years; later as IBM’s PC business since the director of US States Fulfillment.”

Jobs hired Prepared him from relative obscurity, after apparently being amazed by his “unflappable attitude,” with different employer contained in an earlier meeting involving the two. He is very dedicated to people they can interact with psychologically within the foundation. And Prepare increased being Job’s left guy, who needed the proper care of the business when Jobs was on medical leave.

Now although Prepare already needed over and works as Apple’s Boss, the arrival products iPhone 5 and iPad 3 would still contain Jobs’ fingerprints. It may be cool cheap gadgets like iPhone 6 and iPad 4 and beyond that might low on Jobs marks inside it, and therefore it’ll be another year or maybe more before clients uncover what Apple product truly contain among diminishing Jobs influence. Besides, Jobs doesn’t really leave Apple, he’s “big boss” now compared to previous “day to day boss”, meaning he’d be there pushing the innovation position whilst Prepare helps to make the trains work on time. And so the large direction of Apple wouldn’t change much.

We’ll have to wait for iPhone 6 and iPad 4 to determine which changes Prepare makes Apple. Some Apple clients are really focusing concerning the overpowering since they involve some anticipation. One consumer mentioned he hope Apple gives consideration for the battery existence and find a solution here to market the understanding satisfaction instead of adding more features and. For people heavy clients, it’s intolerable to take advantage of iPhone simply with one battery. That’s why the iPhone battery alternative together with another iPhone battery replacement is usually very popular in the marketplace. Anyway, iPhone new brands are already along the way, let’s wait and discover how advanced would that be.

These tips help you taking great camera pictures by leading lines

Integrating Leading Lines … In many cases, it can be useful, to those seeing your photos, to offer a refined overview of aid aesthetically stroll them with the images. The traditional leading line is a roadway that goes off right into the structure, maybe to lead the eye from the side of the picture, into a great tree or monolith. If you had greater than one interesting or crucial topics in your shot, you might find out a method of integrating a leading line that takes the customer from one topic to the various other, and after that leads their eye back to the very first item. Fencings; hands; fingers; arms; ropes; as well as paths – these are all instances of elements that create great leading lines, to help relocate your audience(s) with your images, discreetly boosting the charm of your photos.


1. Seek And also Understand Light … A single light, such as the sunlight, could develop various pictures, simply by the angle at which you take the picture, regarding that resource of light. As an example, if you’re firing with the sunshine originating from behind you or simply off sideways, giving the light isn’t obstructed on its course to your topic (e.g. by trees or structures or clouds), this is costing likely to assist brighten your subject. However, if you were to move to the opposite of your topic, to ensure that the sunshine is aiming straight at you/your camp, with your topic between, this is costing likely to cause a silhouetting of your topic. Each picture will certainly share the various state of minds. It coincides light; you’re only taking your video camera to a different placement, to transform just how the resource of light impacts the resulting picture. Different sorts of light could modify a photo. It consists of side light (e.g. sunshine coming with an angle to the left or right of your topic); filtering system light (e.g. sunlight being diffused, and therefore, softened, as it goes through clouds, which imitates a huge filter); straight light (e.g. use of an exterior flash, aiming straight at your topic); as well as mirrored light (e.g. use of an exterior flash, pointing at a gently tinted wall surface. This is to ensure that the wall surface serves as a large size to mirror the light back towards the topic, providing an extra also spread out of light, which has the tendency to boost the total top quality of light into your topic).



3. Usage The Correct Direct exposure … As you direct your lens at something, such as a cityscape scene, the cam considers all the tones, and afterwards, it’s making an ordinary direct exposure based upon the light. It’s due to this balancing procedure (because of the minimal series of the light level of sensitivity of the sensing unit) that the electronic camera is making a particular part of the photo darker and lighter at the same time in other aspects of the photo. This depends on upon the setups you pick (such as aperture as well as shutter rate). There is a Direct exposure overview on many electronic cameras that reveals a “+/ -0” icon, to inform you when the cam has computed a correct direct exposure, based upon the setups of your video camera (e.g. with a mix of aperture, shutter rate, and also ISO settings). Nonetheless, as a result of the electronic camera’s restricted capability to take care of all the readily available light information, you might have to take action, either by enhancing or reducing the direct exposure. This is done through the Direct exposure Payment dial.


Here you go, some important tips on how to make better photo’s by leading lines. Hope you found this post useful. For more tips on using a helmet cam visit here:

How to Pick an SEO Agency

Looking for an affordable SEO agency fo a small business can be very much a hassle. Each business with a website requires SEO services of a high quality. However, the problems most of these businesses face is the cost of having an SEO agency work on your website. You see if you are looking for a truly effective and quality SEO company which delivers results, you are going to have to pay a higher price. BUT, you will get your money back through extra sales thanks to SEO. To be honest, the price is nothing when you compare it to the amount of revenue you will be generating from SEO. It is understandable that when your company is fairly small, the last thing any business owner would want to do is waste money. Below are some tips to help you pick out an SEO agency for the right price.

Define Affordable

Instead of jumping right in, take a step back and define what your budget is and what you find affordable. Everyone will define affordable differently, especially when it comes to internet marketing. People have completely different incomes, so make sure you have a clear number in your head.

Before you begin to search for SEO services, you need to find what you consider affordable. As you have probably experienced in the past, most companies advertise their services as ‘affordable’ however, to some people, they don’t seem affordable at all.

Shop Around

The main thing to follow here is that SEO does not come in a package. Any company that advertises an SEO package (for £1000 p/m as an example) has no clue what they are doing and you should not use them for your SEO. Although you may get onto the first page of Google, it will not be for quality keywords with a high volume of traffic and you will not stay on page one for long. That I can guarantee you. Look at SEO experts with good LinkedIn recommendations and contact them for a website analysis. Most agencies (at least most good ones) offer a free website analysis. Talk with the agency and make sure they understand your needs and you understand their terms before making a decision. Don’t just look at the price, look at the company as a whole.

Good Looks Does Not Mean Success

Just because there is an SEO agency which has a good look and makes a decent amount of money does not mean it offers quality SEO. Also, beware of ‘good looking’ businesses which offer web design, SEO, and social media marketing for example, because this could mean that they make all their money in web design but are terrible at SEO. So my advice is to go for an agency which focuses on SEO only.

Furthermore, don’t just look on the first page of Google. Ironic right? Hiring an agency to get you to the top of page 1 on Google and now I am telling you not to look at just the first page of results? Well, SEO is a long process and can take months (about 7-9 months on average) and anyone who tells you otherwise is not an SEO expert. Google also takes into account if your site has been around for a while and gives older sites an advantage. Also, you may be not be searching for the primary keyword of an SEO agency, meaning they won’t show up on the first page.

A good place to start looking is London SEO. There are some quality, affordable SEO agencies which you will like.


Meer bezoekers naar je website met SEO Technieken


Als je meer bezoekers naar je website krijgt, moet je een hogere rang hebben in Google. Dit is de reden dat je op die eerste plek wilt komen, wanneer een gebruiker een bepaalde zoekopdracht gebruikt.

Stel dat je sierraden verkoopt. Als iemand sierraden wil kopen en deze exacte zoekterm in een zoekmachine typt, moet jouw website de eerste zijn die bovenaan komt te staan. Als je een van de top posities hebt is er een 100% kans dat mensen op jouw link klikken. Dat is verkeer.

Klinkt makkelijk? Echter, in het echt is SEO erg gecompliceerd, met een proces wat je beter kunt uitbesteden aan een echte SEO agency die gespecialiseerd zijn in optimalisatie. Het heeft verschillende componenten nodig wat het succes bepaald van je website en je online marketing campagne. Je moet ook een strategie bedenken dat Google ok vindt en daarmee niet de regels overtreedt. Als je dit eenmaal snapt krijg je meer verkeer dan je nodig hebt.

Hoe vind je de beste zoektermen?

Een van de belangrijkste dingen binnen SEO zijn zoektermen en zinnen die gebruikt worden door gebruikers. Dat betekent dat uw bedrijf deze trefwoorden moet matchen. Als we het juwelier voorbeeld in acht nemen. Ondertussen denk je waarschijnlijk over trefwoorden die u aangaan. Misschien zit je al op het goede spoor. Laten we beginnen met de basis.

Gebruik zoekterm suggestie tools

Ja, je kan jezelf sparen van manueel zoeken. Er zijn verschillende online bronnen beschikbaar voor het zoeken van trefwoorden, zoals Adwords, SEMrush en velen andere. Veel mensen neigen naar Google Adwords omdat je een website optimaliseert voor Google. Maar gebruik niet maar 1 zoekterm tool. Je kunt het beste meerdere gebruiken voor meer suggesties.

Selecteer trefwoorden met meerdere intenties

Waardevolle sierraden is een zeer brede zoekactie en erg competitief. Het kan zowel voor je, als tegen je werken. Beter zoek je naar termen en zinnen die beter bij je passen. Bijvoorbeeld zoiets als waardevolle juwelen, de beste waardevolle juwelen in Nederland, etc.

Ontwikkel vervolgens een strategie dat je keyword bevat. De tekst moet relevant zijn en gebruiksvriendelijk. Als alles strak is en de zoektermen hebben een perfecte match, voldoe je aan de regelementen van Google.

Mocht dit allemaal te veel werk zijn en focus je liever op andere gebieden van het bedrijf is het wel eens waardevol om een Zoekmachine Optimalisatie Bedrijf in te huren. Een professioneel bureau kan je helpen om bovenaan in Google te komen met een relatieve kleine investering (mocht u dit vergelijken met Google Adwords). Veel bedrijven vinden het relevant en waardevol om een bureau in te huren om deze redenen. Pas echter wel op met wie u in zee gaat, omdat veel ‘SEO Bureau’s’ zich voordoen als professionals terwijl ze zelf helemaal nergens voor bovenaan staan in Google.

Wij raden u daarom altijd de beste keuze aan met de beste resultaten. Neem bijvoorbeeld Skyrocket City – Zoekmachine Optimalisatie Bureau. Ze hebben verschillende locaties van waaruit zij hun werk doen. Daarna zijn zij de beste SEO Specialist Amsterdam en ook te vinden in Rotterdam: website.